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Created on 2009-10-20 03:04:16 (#452855), last updated 2010-02-21 (395 weeks ago)

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Name:Castle Fandom Newsletter
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:Select Members
Community description:Fandom Newsletter for the TV show Castle


Welcome to [community profile] castle_watch, the weekly newsletter for the Castle fandom!

[personal profile] castle_watcher is the following journal. If there's a Castle community that is not currently followed, please email castlewatchmod @ for it to be added.

1. Only posts related to Castle, the show, characters, and cast will be posted here.
2. Fiction must be rated to be listed and any rating with be accepted. Anything with an R, NC-17, M, FRAO, or FRM rating will have adult content.
3. Art that includes adult content must have a warning to be listed.
4. Fic and art with spoilers must be labeled as such.

About the labeling system:
Spoilers! - Includes known spoilers for upcoming episodes or that week's episode
Potential Spoilers! - Is a little more vague. If it's going up on Monday and includes references to the previous Monday's episode a post may get this. Is also used for video interviews that weren't watched before adding or long chat transcripts that weren't fully read through before adding - things were we're not certain that there are spoilers, but we're also not certain that there aren't.

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